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Deploying to Netlify with Drone CI.

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Use case examples:

  • Automatically create staging deployments for pull requests
  • Automatically deploy and alias upon pushes to master


For the usage information and a listing of the available options please take a look at the docs.

There are two ways to deploy.

From docker

Deploy the working directory to Netlify.

docker run --rm \
  -e PLUGIN_TOKEN=xxxxx \
  -e PLUGIN_SITE_ID=xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxx \
  -e PLUGIN_SITE_NAME=netlify-subdomain
  -v $(pwd):$(pwd) \
  -w $(pwd) \

From Drone CI

    image: lucap/drone-netlify
    token: xxxxx
    site_id: xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxx
    site_name: netlify-subdomain