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  Syfaro 3913fda2e2 Stop using gopkg for telegram-bot-api. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 33bec5ece2 Consistent capitalization to fix Travis, move tests into same package. 1 year ago
  Syfaro dd5a6ec6f8 Fix help command, override SetWaiting for callback. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 1fa76025c3 Merge pull request #1 from mshafiee/master 2 years ago
  Mohammad Shafiee 6f3cee8d68 Fix Data Race 2 years ago
  Syfaro fccd5959e1 Fix error for callback queries. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 74844e8b07 Fix a longstanding bug in the help command. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 23c726a3ac Remove unneeded CallbackCommand interface. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 2422c1b160 Change Callback commands to use IsWaiting instead of handler. 3 years ago
  Syfaro e2b7635d85 Add untested callback query handler. 3 years ago
  Syfaro eeecb672f0 Compatibility with tgbotapi v4. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 41cc36ff16 Update to tgbotapi v3. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 34f9590868 Prevent commands from crashing everything, Sentry integration. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 20b8ffe09f Add .travis.yml. 3 years ago
  Syfaro c5f65b642c Fix some funcs 3 years ago
  Syfaro c3d7909a87 Make cancel high priority, make cancel work correctly. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 582d885608 Add comments, add high priority commands, make Inline more standard. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 841f7a7046 Remove warning about instability in README 3 years ago
  Syfaro 4fac63fdd9 Remove Help text from help. 3 years ago
  Syfaro c2aa9ba7c0 Fix outdated documentation on CommandBase.Init 3 years ago
  Syfaro a2a9617d2a Start to guarantee some level of API stability. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 0b73c98519 Just pass commands the Message, not the Update. 3 years ago
  Syfaro ff2053609b Automatic help formatting for Botfather. 3 years ago
  Syfaro f12854b50a Add name to cancel command 3 years ago
  Syfaro 6818e8d4d8 Fix broken inline query code. 3 years ago
  Syfaro aa9b32a9dd CommandState waiting is now safe for multiple simultaneous users. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 8f848973e2 Change package to latest versions 3 years ago
  Syfaro 00a2511763 Update tgbotapi package 3 years ago
  Syfaro c669638f62 Add QuickReply method 3 years ago
  Syfaro 28567f5f02 Add untested support for Inline Queries 3 years ago
  Syfaro 51f5a342ee Add cancel command that hides a custom keyboard 3 years ago
  Syfaro 6f5af4bf2c Rename MyState to CommandState 3 years ago
  Syfaro 8eef2a8051 Fix panic when using SimpleArgCommand without enough args 3 years ago
  Syfaro 04111a472a update for changes in tgbotapi 3 years ago
  Syfaro d7ea0685c5 comments for new config methods 3 years ago
  Syfaro b3a3d4fe67 move Finch to Init, some config saving/loading, persistent stats 3 years ago
  Syfaro a0d6b037bf comments on CommandBase and CommandState 3 years ago
  Syfaro 7e17d124fc switch to using CommandState, for things like WaitingForReply 3 years ago
  Syfaro c2d5b071df specify webhook endpoint yourself 3 years ago
  Syfaro 404a34fc7d comment all the (public) things! also move things around 3 years ago
  Syfaro c28a967d1c Create README.md 3 years ago
  Syfaro f6a8e47de8 first commit 3 years ago