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  Syfaro bf5bafcfb8 Images 100% width, center align captions. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 1379cc2419 Add styles for image figcaption. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 75ae8c6712 Other minor CSS fixes related to image-two. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 58d6730e8f Hide overflow-x on body to prevent scrollbars from image-two. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 8e91458d90 Add fathom tracker. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 798522ffc7 Improve footer. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 050cc386df Make disabled buttons look disabled. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 1d142e63fd Add styles for code and pre blocks. 1 year ago
  Syfaro dd62498ccc Fix peppershrike block being too large, add table styles. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 03bf120e58 Add peppershrike styles. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 4646bd7ca9 Fix date on posts. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 34e2abc7d4 Enable ligatures. 1 year ago
  Syfaro cab0906648 Fix image max width for image-two for landscape images. 1 year ago
  Syfaro f59029b2a5 Fix centering on image-two. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 368a2d76cd Indicator current page is active. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 0132f960a0 Add message for empty page, make pagination less visible. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 1c6b98656c Fix post content being in header. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 7f20c53199 Better handling for pages. 1 year ago
  Syfaro ec6e00f95a Fix entire top bar being clickable. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 5dc1ab7729 Image on homepage, description. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 2d722e1e5b Fix horizontal scrollbar. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 94b0c71949 Two images next to each other CSS. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 7e073bbdf0 Check if retina image are available and load. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 551ca41ec5 Center images when smaller than container. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 6c9b33ef37 Add reading time to post, no link on post page. 1 year ago
  Syfaro b4611e4be6 Make date less visible, add reading time, link top. 1 year ago
  Syfaro fc769e4226 Initial commit. 1 year ago