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  Syfaro 76edb0b60c Prevent duplicates when including script twice. 7 months ago
  Syfaro 5bbf5df02a Move class into function to prevent issues if included twice. 8 months ago
  Syfaro ef0e0e7242 Example page shouldn't use localhost. 8 months ago
  Syfaro 20594a4267 Remove requirement of adding /api/v1 in host. 8 months ago
  Syfaro 6fc820774c Use data-host attribute on script, README file. 8 months ago
  Syfaro 07df4079d9 Improve user permissions. 8 months ago
  Syfaro a33102149b Improve setup process, autocomplete attributes, username. 8 months ago
  Syfaro 9ec6788bf5 Rearrange admin index. 8 months ago
  Syfaro f909c0c07d Make things prettier. 8 months ago
  Syfaro 3669eb6869 Improve validations, refactor name for clarity. 8 months ago
  Syfaro d5dc51e768 Number of improvements and validations. 8 months ago
  Syfaro 1b7fd5dfe9 Properly delete, numeric inputs. 8 months ago
  Syfaro 94769f6828 Extremely basic initial commit. 8 months ago