ESP8266httpUpdate web interface
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Easy way of managing firmware and configuration on ESP8266 devices using ESP8266httpUpdate.


Configuring updating is quite easy. First, you must have a version constant defined somewhere. Then, add the following line to your loop:

ESPhttpUpdate.update("", 5000, "/update", version);

Replace the IP address and port as needed with where your server is located.

Setting up configuration is a little more difficult (until I finish the library to do it for you). The /config endpoint expects a X-PERSEPHONE-CFG-UPDATE header with the unix timestamp of the last configuration update. It also requires the X-ESP8266-STA-MAC header with your ESP8266’s MAC address (as it uses this to identify devices).

It will return a 304 if the configuration is already up to date, or the contents of the configuration file otherwise. On the response, it sets a X-Update-Time header that you should store to send in the next requests.