A tool to automate applications for Mastodon servers
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A tool to automate applications for Mastodon servers.

What the user sees on the homepage. Extra and links fields can be turned off through the config file.

Administrative dashboard, shows the applications and a little bit of information about extra fields (if enabled).

A single application entry with buttons to approve or deny them.

An email sent to the user after approval.


  • Download and go to directory primigenius
  • Copy config.sample.yaml to config.yaml and replace values as needed
  • Install Python dependencies with pipenv install or pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run with waitress-serve --call primigenius:create_app (or other preferred server)
  • Make available to the internet with nginx or similar


After starting, clicking the admin link in the footer brings you to the Mastodon OAuth signin page. Once approved, it redirects to the app.

The first account is automatically approved to manage applications and other users. Users who sign in afterwards must be approved by a previously approved user.

After a user application is received, it appears on the admin homepage. The homepage only shows a subset of the information from the application, and varies based on what fields were enabled. If extra is enabled, the first five words are shown. If links are enabled, the number of links provided is shown.

Clicking the user's provided name opens a page that reveals all of the information provided in the application. Clicking the email should open an email client to send them an email.

Approving a user will send an invite link to the email address provided when they applied. Denying them currently will not notify the user.

Applications each require a unique email address. Even after an application is accepted or denied, the email address is saved to prevent spam.