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  Syfaro 81e8495fae Add some messages to artwork. 1 month ago
  Syfaro 68aa82dca4 Add margin after artwork. 1 month ago
  Syfaro abfca2755b Fix icons being loaded at larger than needed resolution. 1 month ago
  Syfaro ef22f442e7 Update contact and some styling. 1 month ago
  Syfaro c3ffd4692e Fix a resizing bug with JPEGs. 1 month ago
  Syfaro 08da56491a Fix @2x resizing. 1 month ago
  Syfaro 6ac5d9c3c4 Improve caching and paths. 1 month ago
  Syfaro 548d876a2c Use Hack instead of Fira Code. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 5012bdf73c Add link to artwork. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 879fc9d7fe Add new artwork. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 4e8530d388 Remove unused imports. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 3cf9efb014 Add link for artwork. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 5e7ff293e8 Preload using Link header. 2 months ago
  Syfaro c7ceaa227a Add gunicorn to deps. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 7e411ccc56 Remove unused deps, formatting. 2 months ago
  Syfaro e16338fd9b Update reference text. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 5f24be3768 Make image clickable on /char, better link styles. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 30dc6037a3 Add favicons. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 6ccb171056 Fix some styles on mobile. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 16412ca9b6 Fix fake reveal event 2 months ago
  Syfaro 70923e404c Add character ref text. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 85b8794c82 Add another icon, link to git repos. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 0ebfc6a0ac Add icons. 2 months ago
  Syfaro dad3a54c91 Remove unused SQLAlchemy config. 2 months ago
  Syfaro cd0b2b10ff Initial image import, grid view. 2 months ago
  Syfaro 6b74bc86bb Initial commit. 2 months ago