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  Syfaro c909d39c8c New package name and fixed imports. 1 year ago
  Syfaro a8b605b19a Prevent errors from having no rows. 2 years ago
  Syfaro 0cb1b78de9 Add a missing return nil 3 years ago
  Syfaro 148769d8a0 Return when encountered an error. 3 years ago
  Syfaro bf8ab128bb Don't give error on /select with no active selections. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 8c6f31069d Update for tgbotapi v4. 3 years ago
  Syfaro dda3456a10 Update to tgbotapi v3, make chatIDs int64. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 2386c9af2f Add .travis.yml. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 6be051eb81 Fix typo. 3 years ago
  Syfaro c91d7e4d09 Use sqlx.MustOpen instead of Open and then panic. 3 years ago
  Syfaro e5dabdcb37 Change from ExecuteKeyboard to ExecuteWaiting for Finch update. 3 years ago
  Syfaro a2bc51f6a7 Add cancel command 3 years ago
  Syfaro cf82fce2b5 Add title feature. 3 years ago
  Syfaro d8ad40b317 Add README.md 3 years ago
  Syfaro ba7fc22d7a Update for changes in Finch. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 38821d15ad Add better formatting for listing users who selected an option 3 years ago
  Syfaro 3475be4439 Add Name for start command help. 3 years ago
  Syfaro 1b9068e33c Add start command with basic usage 3 years ago
  Syfaro 6608758aa9 Fix help examples 3 years ago
  Syfaro 656b3540b2 first commit 3 years ago