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  Syfaro 393c0495de Use CSS grids instead of JS Gridify. 4 months ago
  Syfaro f908050843 Update hugo, new artwork from yodelinyote. 4 months ago
  Syfaro 653f5c825c New icon from AspenEyes. 7 months ago
  Syfaro e7bcd37875 New icon from Shibafever. 7 months ago
  Syfaro a05db8cde6 Update hugo version. 8 months ago
  Syfaro bb65a18503 Add new artwork from zenophrenic. 8 months ago
  Syfaro ecd5836fd6 Update fathom tracker. 9 months ago
  Syfaro ab6736655c Add new icon from Pookauwa. 11 months ago
  Syfaro a4d6c61a05 Update character ref a bit. 11 months ago
  Syfaro 65f519d2e9 Fix artist links. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 2787c83414 Add new artwork. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 6f5d230394 Update fathom to include site ID. 1 year ago
  Syfaro a9f77443d1 Add a blog post talking about making artwork for badges. 1 year ago
  Syfaro dca219ba91 Fix a bug with the img shortcode. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 16dac02c1f Fix #nsfw link. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 9cab133fea Improve date alignment on homepage. 1 year ago
  Syfaro afee9435a9 Remove old project content. 1 year ago
  Syfaro e424479c06 Add missing artwork. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 149984cabd Fix published text for blog list on mobile. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 19a5967d89 Add a new site post. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 05868d4c18 Personalize fathom tracker. 1 year ago
  Syfaro e15ff10c18 Add fathom tracker when building for production. 1 year ago
  Syfaro af7cdd841e Use data for projects. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 4fd7dd7de2 Add more information on post page, improve homepage. 1 year ago
  Syfaro fdde4a89c0 Attempt to make Netlify serve files as plain text. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 69754359a1 Fix issues. 1 year ago
  Syfaro fd8ebe813e Add character artwork. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 89ebb63e1d A number of style and layout improvements. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 927c80473c Fix missing meta tags. 1 year ago
  Syfaro da88580134 Actually give picture tag size. 1 year ago
  Syfaro b09eec8652 Add image height to prevent jerky page loading. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 4e27f3cdef Remove base tag. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 97368fdb07 Fix char.md being a draft so the link doesn't 404. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 342f71299e Add netlify site ID. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 0224034e4c Attempt drone and netlify configuration. 1 year ago
  Syfaro 51fadaee23 Initial commit. 1 year ago